1) Can I use other web platforms (non WordPress based) to build my membership site?
Answer: Yes you can, but at here I only focus on creating WordPress based membership website.
2) Why you choose WishList Member™ or Digital Access Pass™ membership software?
Answer: WLM & DAP have stood the test of time (since 2008). Both have great customer support.
3) Can I install other premium WordPress themes other than OptimizePress™?
Answer: Yes you can. The reason I pick OP is because it has built a certain trust and reputation
(since 2010). It has ready-made membership templates and integrates perfectly with WLM & DAP.
4) Can you really get my membership site up and running in 24 hours or less?
Answer: Of course. I have built and configured over 40 membership sites (as of Jan 2014), so I’m
very good at what I offer. However, I only want to handle a few clients at a time and I’m very picky
with who I work with. Please use the contact form 1st to ensure that I want to work on your project.
5) What is mode of payment for your membership services?
Answer: Payment is accepted via PayPal. It’s fast, safe and secure.
6) Is there a refund policy?
Answer: There will be NO refund once services are rendered. You need to provide precise and
clear instructions to me BEFORE you make a payment. However, I’ll fix any errors made by me.
7) Can I contact you for support after the project is completed?
Answer: Sure. There’s a 30-day free support and it must be related to your project I worked on.